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Sublimation is a printing method that involves transferring artwork from a high release paper onto a garment. The artwork is transferred to the garment using both heat and pressure. The heat and pressure turn the ink into gaseous state (sublimation) where the ink becomes embeds into the fibers of the garment.

Unlike heat transfer printing, the sublimation dye process embeds the ink into fibers which offer incredible durability without the rubbery texture of a heat transfer. Because the ink transfer into the garment fabric, the look and feel of the printed area is consistent with the material being used, giving a soft to the hand feel.

Unfortunately, the sublimation process can not be used on cotton based shirts and garments. Suitable materials for garments are microfiber/polyester.


It is also a printing method that involves transferring artwork onyo it. But unlike on garment, it needs coating in order to do a sublimation prinitng on it. Coating is a special layer that needs to be applied to turn the surface into a sublimate substrate. In this process, it allows an image to be transferred to any type of product or surface that has been covered with the coating.


All part of the T-shirt is printing area. There is no limitation where a design should be placed on the T-shirt. Here at Corporate Hero, we provide a sublimation printing on ready-made T-shirt and cut pieces.


Even though a full print sublimation has no limitation, a sublimation on a ready-made T-shirt may have its imperfection. We may have to expect smudges, blur  and creasing near edges, seam and collar of the T-shirt. Because when a ready-made T-shirt lay on the press, the will always be areas of the garment that pucker and do not print. This is unfortunately  unavoidable for a ready-made T-shirt.


We can use a cut piece to eliminate the limit of sublimation on a ready-made T-shirt. This process is similar to the ready-made T-shirt sublimation process. However, with cut piece sublimation, the printing is done before the garment is assembled. So, it consume more time than sublimation on ready-made T-shirt since it needs to be sew after sublimation process.

Price / 


1. Price above is for XS-3XL. Additional of RM3, RM6, and RM9 are applied to 4XL-7XL respectively.

2. Price for Kids T-Shirt is minus (-) RM1 from the above price.

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