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Silkscreen printing is a stenciling method that involves printing ink through stencils called a scree. Screens are key to the silk screen printing method. Much like an art canvas, the screen or mesh is stretched very tightly over a frame.

The basic printing process is the forcing of ink through a stencil onto paper with a squeegee (rubber blade) the same width as the screen. This is called "pulling". Each colour must be printed in the same place and in the same order for each print to resemble the original.

Inks are custom mixed by the artist and matched to colours of the original and desired outcome of hue and value. We use pantone colour as our colour option. Many colour can be used, with a separate screen for each colour.


Separate screen is require for a multiple colour printing. The process is pretty much the same as single colour printing but multiple time with different screen each colour.


CMYK screen printing is a 4 colour printing that reproduce full-colour artwork. Colour that is used in CMYK screen printing is Cyan(Blue), Magenta(Red), Yellow, and Black. * Additional white colour if on black colour T-shirt.

This type of screen printing is one of the option for a multi colour screen printing. If the artwork has tone, it is better to use CMYK screen printing technique.


We didn't just provide the normal printing but also the special one. You might want to make it more outstanding and special by using one of the special method.


Glitter is a silk screen printing method that literally has glitter on it. We print a layer of glitter after normal printing.


Gradient is suitable for a logo or design that has 2 or more tone on it. It is a one time pulling with multiple colour on it.

Gold and Silver metallic is a printing where, yes, you guess it right, a gold or silver metallic on it. It is of course a one colour (Gold/Silver) only and it is suitable if you want to make it more outstanding.

Glow In The Dark (G.I.T.D) is a printing method that can make your printing glow in the dark given it was expose and absorb enough light.

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3" X 4"


8" X 11.5"


12.5" X 16"

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