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Heatpress Printing / 

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A heat press is a machine that presses a design onto a material. The machine uses high temperatures and heavy pressure to embed the design onto the material permanently. In heat transfer printing, a design is printed in reverse on a special release paper using a plastisol-based ink.


The printed image is placed against the desired substrate (T-shirt, bag, etc) and subjected to high temperature and pressure for a short period of time. After the substrate has cooled, the release paper is peeled away and the image will have been transferred to the substrate.

Pros of heat transfer:

  • Cost effective for a small runs of printing. No minimum order.

  • Can do individual names or number without a heavy setup costs.

  • Can produce a design in full colour with good detail inexpensively.

Cons of heat transfer:

  • Not as permanent as screen printing. Will crack and fade with time.

  • Rubbery feels to touch.

  • Expensive on large quantities or garment.


Just like silk screen, we also have a various option of special heat press. In case you want it to be a "No Ordinary" printing. Option for a special heat press are including, Metallic, Reflector, Glow In The Dark (G.I.T.D), Silicone, and Flock.

Metallic is a special option where we use metallic material rather than a PU White material. This is an ideal option if your design has either gold or silver colour on it. Because we cannot print a gold or silver colour on a PU White or a normal heat press option.

Reflector is literally what it name is and it a hot selling option of special heat press at Corporate Hero. Our customer loves reflector as their option to make their personalized item sepcial.

Glow In The Dark (G.I.T.D) for heat press is the same as the one from Silk Screen Printing but the difference is that it is not an ink but rather a special material that is made to glow in the dark.

Silicone and Flock gives you the feeling of 3D printing on your personalized item.

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